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Red Queen

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard I've read this book in march 2015, and rated it 5 stars. Now, almost a year later, I forgot so much about this book! So decided to give it four stars, because it wasn't that memorable, and even though I still loved it, I didn't love it as much as the first time.

I really loved the writingstyle, it made me fly through the book.
I found the world that was created fascinating, though I wished it was developed more, and that we were given more information about the history of the war. I hope to find that in the second book. A map would be really cool too!
My feelings about Mere are a bit confusing, because I like how she is trying to make the world better, and how she looks after her friends and family. But the whole self pity 'they are gonna kill me' in every damn chapter annoyed me.
Maven and Cal I loved, I hope that there will come a novella in their point of view :)

Oh and the ending... I loved it!
Really excited to read Glass Sword this month!