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Sterrenhemel - Colleen Hoover, Roelof Posthuma Colleen Hoover her writingstyle is so addicitive! I just flew through this book because of that.
I did have some problems with this book though. It was just a bit hard to believe at times. For example; how some guy grabs Sky - our heroine - at school and they just decide to be best friends without even knowing each other. Or Holden his stalkery behaviour that seems to be okay by Sky because he is 'so hot'. Not a good message, right? The romance between Sky and Holden was a lot like insta-love which I don't really like. But the characters and the relationship between Holden and Sky developed great, and instead of finding the romance annoying it became a bit more adorable with a lot steamy scenes.

The plottwist was shocking and heartbreaking, it was overwhelming to read. I liked how all the puzzlepieces came together in the end, though the ending felt a bit rushed.

Overall I liked the story, the character development and especially the writingstyle, but I feel like it could have been better.