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Uprooted - Naomi Novik All my GR friends seem to LOVE this book, almost all the ratings here on GR are 4 or 5 stars, and I had to push myself to even finish it..

Let's start with what I liked;
- The beginning was okay. The Dragon that gets to choose 1 girl of 17 to serve him for 10 years, and that all the girls think it's going to be the talented, beautiful Kasia, but it ends up being Agznieka (her best friend and our protagonist) sounds like a lot of drama, so I found that interesting. The first few days of Agznieka in the tower were okay too. Struggling to adjust to the Dragons rules and schedule, learning how to cook, getting training from the Dragon, yup that was quite interesting.

What I didn't like:
- The Dragon. He is not a Dragon. Not even a human with the ability to spit fire or fly or crush something with a gigantic Tail or something like that. Disappointing.
- Agznieka. Oh wow, a female protagonist who is a clumsy plain Jane that happens to have some superpower that she never knew about. (Like almost every YA fantasy book?). Didn't have any connection with her.
- The worldbuilding. Except for the creepy wood there wasn't any worldbuilding.
- The magic. The spells were either words I cant pronounce or she was just humming words like 'leaves and branches, leaves and branches humhumhum' and she was covered with leaves and branches -.-
- The romance. I couldn't feel chemistry between the characters AT ALL. When he kissed her I was like 'whaaat, where did that come from?' I even switched back a few pages to see if I missed something.
Besides that, he was not nice to her at all. You could even call it verbal abuse, all those times he called her names.
- The plottwist and pacing. I felt that there was just too much happening. One plottwist after another, so much action, that I didn't have time to even adjust to the previous plottwist. It was just confusing because so much was happening.