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The Lying Game

The Lying Game - Sara Shepard Girl finds her long lost twin, and when she goes to visit her, it turns out that she is murdered. The girl is threatened by the killer to pretend she is her long lost twin, so nobody knows she's gone, or else....
Yes, that sounds bad, doesn't it?

I managed to get myself over that improbable plot, only to find myself annoyed by the improbable choices of our main character. So many times I wanted to scream at my book, because she kept making stupid decisions.
The characters were cliché; mean rich girl, dull jock, attractive loner, etc.
And do girls really talk the way they do in this book? With al those abbreviations and references to fashion brands or famous people?
And another thing that annoyed me was the unclear switch between 1st person and 3th person narrative.

Sorry this review turned out more as a rant.