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Dangerous Boys

Dangerous Boys - Abigail Haas I was so excited to read this after reading Dangerous Girls, which was an incredible psychological thriller.
But even though the writingstyle is good (therefore the extra star) the story itself was really dissapointing.

Where Dangerous Girls was dark, thrilling and compelling, Dangerous Boys felt more like a contemporary novel.
Where the characters in Dangerous Girls were twisted and well put together, in Dangerous Boys you literally have a good guy and a bad guy (also twisted, but lacked of any more personal traits).
Where in Dangerous Girls you can understand the killer, why he or she has done it and even root for this person, in Dangerous Boys it was al poor decisions that led to the killing point anyway, so I couldn't feel sorry or compasionate to the killer at all.
Where Dangerous Girls made you pull your hair and scratch out your eyeballs because of that amazing mindf*ck ending, Dangerous Boys had the exact same plot which made it predictable this time.