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De 5de Golf (De 5de Golf, #1)

De 5de Golf (De 5de Golf, #1) - Rick Yancey I liked it, but there were some aspects that stopped me from loving it.

* warning: spoilers ahead*

The major problem I had was the insta love between Evan and Cassie.
He stalks her, read her diary, then shot her in the leg, then saved her, washes her hair, bakes bread and tells her he's in love with her and wants to die for her. FOR REAL? HOW DO YOU FALL FOR SOMEONE THAT HARD AND THAT FAST?

And Cassie.. She was a great heroine, independent and determend to save her brother no matter what. And her rule: don't trust ANYONE. But that rule is quickly forgotten when she meets a handsome guy with 'brown eyes like a puppy' *sigh*.

And the convience in this book: Almost everyone dies in the first few waves except Cassie, her father, her brother and oh.. her high school crush who never noticed her, but she's one of the few woman left on earth so ofcourse she's good enough for him now. Ugh, you just know that there will be a love triangle in the next book.

Just to be clear, I don't have a problem with romance in books, if it's realistic and well developed (for example: Katniss and Peeta). However I really, really dislike insta-love.

But there were some great action scenes and loveable characters, and I like the idea that aliens look just like us. Curious what it will look like on film.