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Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck To me, this book is about dreams and aspirations. Imagine your life without dreams and goals; it would just be a strain of days with little meaning.

George and Lennie dream of having their own little farm. George wants to be someone, be his own boss. Lennie wants to take care of little rabbits, and a place where he doesnt need to be afraid.
But - like everyone else - in order to reach a dream you need to work very hard to get there. So that's what they do, they are going to a farm to work there and save some money.
On that farm they meet Candy, an old men who is afraid he's going to lose his place on the farm. He has saved a lot of money that he wants to bring in so that he can also work on the new farm. The dream seems so close now! But than fate happens... Lennie, who has a mental disability and the inability to control his strength makes a huge mistake that ruins everything. After that, George has to overcome the biggest obstacle in order to still reach his dream...
And that obstacle was heartbreaking.

Such a powerfull book.