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De kleur paars

De kleur paars - Alice Walker This book was on my TBR for ages, and this month it was chosen for Emma Watsons bookclub Our Shared Shelf So I finally picked it up!

When I read the first 4 pages of [b:The Color Purple|11486|The Color Purple|Alice Walker|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1386925078s/11486.jpg|3300573] I almost put it down, because of the rape and abuse. I asked the people from my bookclub if I should continue, because those first pages made me sick. They told me to continue, and i'm happy that I did, because this book is so powerfull!

The book is told through letters. First from Celie to God, and later from Celie to her sister Nettie and the other way around. That makes it a fast read, because you just go from letter to letter. I found it an interesting way to write a book, and it helps to experience Celie her feelings and really get in the story.
Though I did find the language difficult at first, because of the dialect.

The major theme is sexuality. This book took place in the 1930's, where woman were supressed by men. That's what happens in this book, Celie was raped, abused and forced to marry a man who didn't love her.
Later in the book she meets Sofia, the girlfriend of her stepson , and Shug, the mistress of her husband, both very powerfull woman. They mentor Celie to become an assertive independent women. Shug and Celie get into a sexual relationship together, and even live together at some point.
It's amazing how Celie developes in to an independent woman!

Well there are so much more characters and events and developments I could talk about since this book is so wonderfull, but the best I can say for now is: read it and experience it yourself!