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1984 - George Orwell Wow, this was very disturbing. Seriously the worst world you can ever imagine living in, is described in this book!

But there are quite a few aspects that are so relevant to our world today:
• In the book telescreens are in everyone's house, on for 24 hours // Nowadays everyone owns a tv, the channels are almost all 24hours.
• In the book there are telescreens and microphones in public places used to watch and hear every move of people // Nowadays there are cameras on the street from the police to private security camera's; someone living in the city could be watched all day!
• In the book 'Big brother is watching you', the 'party' knows what you're doing, saying, where you are and what you're thinking // Nowadays through cookies, companies know what we are looking for, google links your searches to your IP adress and holds on to that info for 18 months, and don't forget what we post on social media ourself; on foursquare we show where we are, our thoughts are on twitter, personal info is on facebook, etc, etc.

Kind of disturbing if you think about it..

Didn't love it as much as Animal Farm, because the story was a bit slow at some points. But overall a fascinating and great story!