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Vicious - V.E. Schwab Fast paced, compelling, unique , I absolutely loved this!

I heard this book was about good vs evil, but this was evil vs even more evil .

I was intrugued from the very first page.
The story is written in different times, the present day (even two days ago, two hours ago) and ten years ago, when our main protagonists Eli and Victor were college roommates. It also changes POV's.
This way Victoria Schwab builds up the climax, and really unfolds the story.

Anyone who really knows me, knows how much I love dark and complex characters. Well, our two protagonist fit that description perfectly.
There isn't one hero and one villain in this book, because Eli and Victor are both messed up . Besides Eli and Victor, there are also some great side characters, which I loved.

Besides an addictive writingstyle, and great characters, the plot is fantastic! It's nothing like anything i've ever read before.
And that ending...

Sequel now, please.... *wishes she has Serena's power*